What is Energy Analysis for Home and Business?

Summitt Energy wants to make sure that you have all the tools, resources and information you need to maintain an energy-efficient home or business. This can only be achieved by tracking the details of your current energy usage. From there, an analysis will allow you to track how much energy you use at home or business in order to identify ways to save energy and money.

The tracking and analysis can be as simple or as complex as you care to make it.

How Can I Be More Green?

Enrolling in one of our two ‘green’ programs is a great place to start. Essentially, each of these programs enables customers to make their home 100% carbon neutral.

One) The EverGreen program, launched in 2008, enables us to offset greenhouse gas emissions from the homes we serve. Customers who sign up to be part of this program can help us offset 2.2 tonnes of carbon credits every year. This amount represents the average yearly electricity usage of an Ontario home.
For every customer who enrols in the EverGreen Program, Summitt Energy invests in carbon offsets that are certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA.)

Two) The Green Power Program also allows customers to offset 100% of their home’s Greenhouse Gas emissions. This program also employs the fixed rate / price protection program.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse Gases are man-made emissions that damage the filters of the earth’s atmosphere. They are known to trap and hold heat. In turn, this is believed to contribute greatly to global warming.
The average Ontario home emits 2.2 tonnes of carbon just from its electricity consumption…every year.